Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rental properties do you manage?

We provide superior management of single family homes, townhomes, condos, multi-plexes and apartment complexes up to 125 units.

What areas do you serve?

Local expertise is essential when leasing and managing property to determine marketable rental rates, place tenants faster and comply with local and state laws and regulations. We actively serve all cities throughout Maricopa County.

How quickly will my rental property be leased?

We understand that a vacant property costs you money, and Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix specializes in faster rentals to rent-worthy tenants. We spend thousands on our aggressive advertising strategy, combining online and local ads with outdoor signage and other proven methods. We assist you by:

  • Advising you on a marketable rent rate
  • Assisting you with getting the unit in "rent-ready" condition
  • Responding quickly to show the property when an inquiry is made
  • Conducting a thorough background/credit check on each applicant
  • Keeping tenants happy once they are placed
The total time this process takes depends on the location, condition of property, amenities, season of the year, price, applicants' background/credit check quality, restrictions on pets/smoking, etc. We do everything within our control to expedite the process. Properties in great condition generally rent faster.

How much rent should I ask for?

New real estate investors may be tempted to set rent rates by their mortgage payment or what they have heard they can charge. However, this can directly impact vacancy rates and end up lowering your revenue long-term. Our local expertise in area rents can help you determine the best market rate for your property. You can rely on us to provide experienced guidance on the complex factors that will help you get the best return.

How can I ensure my property is cared for?

With our rigorous background and credit screening process, intentional damage is rare. If there is damage to the property, we quickly act to return the unit to a "rent-ready" condition and lease to a new tenant. We also can assist you in assessing and collecting on the damage when necessary. During the tenant�s lease term our extensive interior/exterior inspections assist with determining damages early in an effort to keep repair costs down.

What if a tenant doesn't pay or needs to be evicted?

Even with careful tenant placement, late payments and even the need for an eviction can arise. Costly mistakes can be made if these issues are not handled correctly. We avoid evictions through prompt collection processes. If an eviction is necessary, we manage the eviction process swiftly, professionally, and in compliance with state and local laws. The goal is always to get the property re-leased as soon as possible.

How do I keep maintenance costs down?

Maintenance is a necessary expense of owning rental properties. Proactively taking care of maintenance issues can help you reduce vacancies and save money long term. Our regular inspections can help you identify issues before they become problems. When maintenance is needed, we provide reliable, prompt and affordable service. Remember, before a property can be rented, carpets should be cleaned, walls should be cleaned/painted, the doors should be rekeyed and any safety issues must be addressed.

Whether you own one home or dozens, each property needs time and attention for maintenance, marketing, leasing, rent collection, legal compliance and meeting tenant requests. Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix has the knowledge, experience and professional team to make owning rental property easier�and more profitable.

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