Phoenix Leasing & Tenant Placement Services
Real Property Management Phoenix (WV)

We offer Leasing and Tenant Placement Services in order to place the right tenant! Our company has developed a proprietary triple filter tenant screening process utilizing years of data tracking of good versus poor performing tenants. Now you can bundle our services to meet your needs so if you are in the market for a tenant to self manage you can still take advantage of our expertise.

What we offer:

Aggressive marketing and advertising of rental properties - Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix will work with you along with a complete rental price analysis to ensure that your property is priced appropriately for the market. Additionally, we spend thousands of dollars every month on advertising your rental property and have negotiated exclusive contracts with the most effective advertising mediums and providers to ensure top placement and frequency. Our aggressive marketing leads to an average vacancy rate of 1% - one of the lowest in the industry!

Rigorous credit, income and criminal screening - Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix makes every effort to find tenants who will pay rent timely and will take good care of your property. We require all applicants to be processed through our proprietary triple filter screening which accounts for our extremely low eviction rate of less than 1%.

Document Preparation � Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix will work with you to confirm that all appropriate lease documents and addendums are executed with the tenant. Additionally, we will assist to ensure that your lease is in compliance with all laws including those set forth by the Real Estate Commission and all Fair Housing Laws as well as state laws.

FREE six-month Tenant Warranty � a policy that can be extended to up to 12 months with extended leases and property management services. If your tenant defaults for any reason, we�ll provide additional tenant placement services for FREE.

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