Privacy Policy

Real Property Management guarantees to protect the privacy of any and all personal information, as defined by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic documents Act, (PIPEDA), that it gathers in the course of doing business. We collect only the essential information needed to perform the functions required by Real Property Management.

Real Property Management has taken steps to ensure the information is stored in safe, secure locations with access only granted to those employees who require the information in order to perform their employment responsibilities. This applies to both paper and electronic forms of data.

We have designed our electronic systems to be as safe as possible, to prevent loss or misuse, and have secured access to only authorized personnel.

Permission to disclose any personal information will be received prior to any information being used for any purpose outside the parameters to which it was originally collected unless required or permitted by law.

Information will be retained only for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, and to meet any legal or regulatory requirements.

Any individual requesting to see their personal information or to review our privacy policies will be granted that request within a reasonable time frame subject to any legal restrictions. A nominal fee may be charged.

Any questions with regards to Real Property Management Privacy policy or if you'd prefer to opt out, please contact us at

Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix
(602) 358-8130